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Arizona Laws and Regulations

Through our membership in the American Med Spa Association, we have access to the answers to many legal questions:

· Who can own a med spa?                                           · If I'm not a doctor, can I share in the profits of a medical spa?

· Who can inject Botox and fillers?                               · Does a physician need to be on site during laser treatments?

· Who can fire a Laser?                                               · What kind of supervision is needed for an RN in a medical spa?

· Are Botox parties legal?                                                                        · Do I need to charge sales tax on procedures?

· Can a med spa use Groupon?                                           · Does a medical spa need to obtain a license to operate?

· Who can perform microneedling?                                    · What type of records are medical spas required to keep?

· Who can perform dermaplaning?                           · Can a med spa text or email confidential medical information?

· Who can perform Coolsculpting?                                              · Is it legal to purchase botox or fillers from Canada?

· Who can perform microdermabrasion?                               ·Can a med spa respond to social media posts/reviews?

· Are lasers subject to OSHA requirements?                         · Can med spas sell retail products such as skin creams?

· What procedures can an NP, PA, RN perform?                    · When does a physician need to be physically on site?

· When can a spa use patient photos?                                                    · What does it mean to be HIPAA compliant?

· What decisions have to be made by a doctor?     · Which medical spa procedures constitute medical treatment?

· What are kickbacks?                                                              · Can a medical spa advertise its professional services?

·  What is informed consent?                                                · In a medical spa, who can make hiring/firing decision?

· Can a medical spa use a "dba"?                        · What are the penalties for improperly operating a medical spa?

· Does a physician have to examine every new patient before the patient is treated at a medical spa?    


Many others -- 85+ answers to Arizona medical aesthetic legal issues

Legal Documents: About The Spa
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